Indian Institute of
(Online Harmonica Teacher)

We conduct  harmonica (mouth organ)
classes at Khar (E), Mumbai (Bombay).

Salient featutes:
1.Personal attention to every

2.Only 4 students in a batch.

3.Special individual tuition
(one-to-one) available.

4.Occasionally we organize short
duration workshops.We teach i) By
ear ii) Sol-fa (Indian) notation iii)
Staff notation
5. We offer online
(one-to-one, live) tuition
(first 4 sessions  at only 75% fees)

"ONE BEAT AT A TIME" training
method makes music learning as
easy as learning cycling or typing.

Learning Music can be
very easy!!
A music enthusiast who
has a very little or
apparently no talent
for music also can  learn it
become an expert with this
effective method what we
call it as


Yes, learning music is
VERY EASY  this way !

Please read these questions:
1. Do you tend to forget the tune that
you want to practice?
2. Do you remember the vocal part of the
song but tend to forget the music part of

3. Do you have difficulty in
understanding Rhythm or you run out of

4. Do you take long to learn any song?

5. Do you think that you can never learn
some musical instrument as it is too
complicated  even if you are keenly
interest in learning one?
7. You already play well but now you
want to  learn notation reading.

If the answer is 'Yes' to any of the
above questions then this
method is the most effective
You will learn:
Note Bending
Tongue Blocking
Self Accompaniment
Notation reading
Our music classes are at:
14/496, Triratna C.H. S.
Opp. Nirmalnagar Police Station.
Khar (East),
Mumbai (Bombay) 400051
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